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Turkey Gravy

Turkey Gravy Yield: 1½ pints 3 cups pan juices from roast turkey, strained and fat reserved (can use chicken broth if more liquid is needed) 1 ½

Thanksgiving Production Schedule

Thanksgiving Preparation Schedule

Thanksgiving Preparation Schedule First week of November: Make guest list. Plan Thanksgiving menu. Make grocery list. Send invitations. Plan/purchase decorations, candles, place cards, firewood, matches, etc. Pre-order


Chef’s Pantry Favorites

Bottled Sauces/Condiments Catsup/Ketchup Dijon Mustard Hoisin Sauce Soy Sauce Sriracha (hot chile sauce) Worcestershire Sauce Canned Products Beans, Black Beans, Pinto Beans, White (Great Northern) Chick Peas


Cutting your Food Budget: Monthly Meal Planning

Here’s how it works: Plot each main meal (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner) on a 1-month calendar, planning left-overs for other day’s meals (Monday’s roast chicken dinner left-overs become Tuesday’s chicken


Decoding Terms – Sauté vs. Sear

Sometimes sauté is confused with the term sear, which means to brown quickly over high heat. When you sear, you want to keep the food product in


Trip to Farm Boy

Took a field trip the other day to Farm Boy–the coolest, ecclectic store I’ve seen. It’s like walking into a Korean Alice in Wonderland. At first, I thought


Chef News: Gordon Stewart

Part of the inspiration that led me on my journey of becoming a chef was the cuisine from Chef Gordon Stewart, currently executive chef of Gordon’s on Blueberry


Quick Guide to Metal Cookware

CHEMISTRY 101 Metal cookware can be broken down into two major categories: Reactive and Nonreactive Reactive metals, such as aluminum, cast iron and copper can react harmfully


Top 10 Essential Kitchen Tools

The following tools are a definite must for any home chef.  There are all sorts of gadgets you can use, but these are the items that a


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