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Wonton Soup

I love serving this flavorful soup as a light evening meal.  This recipe is versatile--you can use the wonton recipe to make fried wontons or the filling to make steamed dumplings or potstick

Beef Stroganoff

This is not your parents' Beef Stroganoff. No offense, Mom or Dad. Beef tenderloin is the star of this dish, along with the sauce, of course. Mmm. Melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Beef Stroganoff

Thanksgiving Stuffing

Nothing beats the aroma and taste of homemade stuffing. Yum!   Old-Fashioned Dressing for Stuffing Yield: stuffs a 15-20 lb. turkey 1½ cups finely chopped celery 1 cup finely chopped
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What inspires you?  Or maybe an easier question, what brings you to this site? 

Some consider cooking a necessary evil to provide nourishment.
Others experience great joy in putting a dish together—it’s their therapy.
And there are still others that consider it the love of their life.

No matter where we’re at in our culinary journey—one thing unites us all—
We love food—we live for it—or at least we eat to live.

Rockin’ Chef is designed to be your resource for food that rocks. It’s dedicated to all who are on a journey to learn more about making their next meal a better dish.  Whether you want to do it yourself, or hire someone in your area who will teach you or do it for you.

Our passion is to pass on everything we know to you and to even learn along the way what we don’t yet know.  All the recipes--all the blogs--are things we are stirred to share with you.

So, think about what inspires you.  Then go crank up some music and get cookin’!